Physics 110/111/114/115 Labs

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Grading Outline for Physics lab

The division of marks for the lab is as follows:

Short evaluations (usually 5 marks each)  60% of lab grade
Formal report  20% of lab grade
Final lab quiz  20% of lab grade
Total lab grade  100%

The total lab grade forms 20% of the final course grade. In order to pass for the physics lab, a student must complete all the lab components and achieve at least 45% in their total lab grade. A physics lab pass is required to pass the associated physics course.

Final quiz covers the semester's work. Student must have attended and conducted the experiment, to receive credit for related quiz questions.

Short Evaluations

There is usually one short evaluation associated with each lab period of the semester (roughly twelve in a semester). Missed short evaluations will be assigned a grade of zero.

Short evaluations can take a variety of forms, from quizzes to marking all or part of the lab notebook, including current and previous work. Some lab period short evaluations might be combined into a single larger evaluations (such as an evaluation for over two weeks). Students are usually informed of the nature of the next period's short evaluation. The short evaluations are based on the material covered during the lab period or learned from the lab manual and its Supplements.  The nature and content of Short Evaluations are at the discretion of the Lab Supervisor.

Beware there may be one short evaluation grade for keeping of a notebook as outlined in the appendix. This evaluation is done, without warning, at anytime during the semester.

Formal Evaluations

During the semester each student will be assigned a formal report. The formal report write-up is based on the material you enter into your notebook during the lab classes. Formal reports can be assigned at random throughout the semester and are based on any experiment that has already been completed.

A formal report is due at the beginning of the following week's lab period, one week after the period it was assigned. Formal reports are considered late if handed in beyond 5 minutes into the period. Late reports are penalized two marks per day late. Late reports can be handed in through the Physics lab mail slot beside the lab entrance. Reports must be submitted by 4:00pm to avoid being penalized for an additional day late. Formal report submission by email is not accepted (a hard copy is required).

Your graded formal reports can be used during the semester as a reference but must be returned to your lab supervisor by the end of the semester.