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Capilano University Physics Department

1st year Physics Lab Manual
Physics 110, 111, 114, 115

Revised Summer 2017

Revisions by Vern Moen and Bernd Simson
Fractal images by Mike Freeman

Copyright ©2017
Capilano Physics Department

Instructor Forward

This complete lab manual is available from our course support web site. The master copy for the print version is in fact produced from the web. The web has some additional links, photos and help that do not lend themselves to a printed version. Our students are required to purchase the print version while using the web version in support of the printed manual.

A number of experiments use Vernier computer interfaces with various sensors. Several experiments also use custom software for data entry. Computers are not used to replace student note-taking or analysis (including graphing). We feel this is fundamental at this stage in learning how to conduct experimental work.

The labs cover a number of basic experimental issues. For proper learning, the experiments should be done in the order given (particularly for the first semester) with students either working on their own or in pairs. Working in groups of more than two does not provide the necessary hands-on exposure in developing the fundamentals of experimental work. Simulations, demonstrations or pre-set experiments also do not provide the necessary exposure although they may well enhance the understanding of theory.

Bernd Simson
Physics Lab Supervisors
Capilano University