Physics 110/111/114/115 Labs

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Help Hours

For additional help on your lab work, you may bring your questions to a Lab Supervisor during the second hour of any scheduled physics lab period. For example, help might be required in writing up a formal report or in elucidation of some point of an experiment before the lab period.

See the schedule posted outside the physics lab (FR302) door for the times when labs are in progress. Your physics course instructor or any member of the physics department may also be approached for help.

Electronic or Film Recording in the Physics Lab

Students are not permitted to record video or audio of the labs without written permission from the lab supervisor. Still recording (such as still photography) of the experiments is permitted for notebook use. Students should note that a photograph does not suffice as a diagram for a formal report procedure. Still recording in the lab other than of the student's experiment (such as of other students or other experiments) is not permitted without written consent of the lab supervisor.

Students with Disabilities