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Physics Lab Attendance

Labs are a fundamental part of a Physics requirement. Lab credit is divided between lab theory and lab attendance (doing hands-on work in the lab). Lab attendance is compulsory for lab credit.

Missing a lab period results in losing all lab marks associated with that lab period and any marks dependant on that missed lab period. A makeup lab can recoup some (but not necessarily all) of the lost marks. Missing two or more lab periods without lab makeups results in a failed lab grade.

A makeup lab is offered at the discretion of the lab supervisor. A makeup is offered only for a valid excuse that includes supporting documentation. In general, any make-up lab is done before your next regularly scheduled lab period.

If missing a lab period is unavoidable, inform your lab supervisor immediately (preferably before missing the period). Your lab supervisor will guide you to meeting the requirements of the lab (such as a makeup) and advise what documentation is required.