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The Formal Report

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Data is something that was measured. Data is sometimes confused with results. Results are calculated values that must be presented in their own section, clearly separate from the data.

PhysLab Specifications

All data relevant to the stated objective must be clearly presented in this section.

No trials may be omitted for any reason. An exception to this is if a procedure was discovered to be incorrect after a set of trials were done, then the entire procedure was repeated and an entirely new set of trials were performed, then the first set of trials need not be reported here.

No results are to be included in this section. An exception to this is with some simple calculations (such as subtracting two values to get the mass of water in a container), the result can be placed into the data section if the result is clearly indicated to be a calculated result and the actual measured data is also shown.

Expected Practice

The data is organized in a way that is easy to interpret, and ordered logically. This section is easily referred to when checking the sample calculations. This original raw data is usually plotted if possible and sensible to do so. But this original data graph forms part of the Results, and not the data section.

Data uncertainties are normally presented as one sig fig.