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The Formal Report

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This section provides important information about what the article is about, when it was done, who did it, and who wrote the report. In the physics lab we also identify who the lab supervisor was. Formatting and labelling are done for emphasis, and to clarify who or what is being identified.

PhysLab Specifications

The required elements are: descriptive report title, date of the write up, lab course and section, lab supervisor's full name and the full name of the authors.

Also required for the Physics lab is the full name of anyone who was working on the same bench as you and whether they were involved in conducting your experiment. If there was no other person at your bench (or involved in your experiment), then this must be clearly stated in the header.

Expected Practice

Titles are descriptive of the actual work that is being reported on, as opposed to a general area of research. In today's journals, titles may run up to more than one line in length in an attempt to clarify and specify the particular context of the study.

Any name appearing in the header is considered to be an author or co-author. Therefore, other names must be labelled appropriately.

The importance of each element is indicated by the choice of font size and position of the text.